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The following is list of territories that are fully live using SMS Inventory:

Advantage (T0016), Alaska (T0095), Apex (T0063), Capital (T0071), Carolinas (T0033), Daniel (T0093), Downstate NY (T0027), Edge (T0054), Elite (T0080), Fegan & Maloney (T0094), Great Lakes (T0043), InterMed (T0025), Keystone (T0038), Melia (T0064), MidAmerica (T0024), MidAtlantic (T0026), Midwest (T0014), Mountain West (T0092), Northeast (T0075), Northwest (T0044), Ohio (T0061), Pacific (T0005), Pacific Hawaii (T0003), Rx Medical (T0068), Solutions (T0040), Southwest (T0077), Thomson (T0018)

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